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Take advantage of powerful AI technology and easily remove
unwanted emojis and stickers from your pictures and videos.
Restore the original image or video quickly with a few steps!

Restore your photos to their original state without emojis!

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Remove Unwanted Emojis From Photos Using AI

Using AI to remove unwanted emojis from pictures is an effective and fast way to achieve the desired results. With the powerful AI integration, AniEraser can detect the presence of an emoji and replace it with an outfit or texture that suggests something similar without detracting from the overall image.

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Erase Emojis From Pictures Without Quality Loss

Emojis and stickers add a special touch to images and express the mood of a moment. But as time has progressed, these extra stickers may not line up with our current thoughts. AniEraser is here to help! Select the emoji you want to remove and wait for the process to be done automatically. Then, you'll get a perfect photo or video – just like before!

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Restore Your Original Images Without Any Emojis

Are emojis and stickers getting in the way of your photos? Have they been added to your images through social media? Don't worry! Just use AniEraser for quick and easy sticker removal. It can take out the emojis and get your pictures back to their original state.

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Even Remove Emojis From Video With Ease

AniEraser is a revolutionary object removal tool. It works not only with photos but also with videos. Whether it's a TikTok or an Instagram story video, erase those unwanted stickers and do more edits with our new video editor , letting everyone's focus stay on what you want to show!

More Possibilities on Multi-platform AniEraser

Remove watermarks, objects, texts, emojis, and more on your PC or Mobile devices according to your preferences.
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More advanced function for desktop
  • Supports import and export of more formats.
  • Supports large and high-resolution files.
  • Supports batch processing of multiple files.
More Freedom for Mobile device
  • Simple and user-friendly, use it anytime.
  • Focus on the need for media platforms.
  • Easy sharing and forwarding.
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Know more about AniEraser

AniEraser is a powerful but easy-to-use tool that enables you to remove emojis from photos and videos. All you need to do is upload the media file, select the area of the photo or video that has an emoji, and then click erase. The program can help you delete several emojis at once, making it easier and faster for you!
If you're looking for a way to erase emojis from your images without losing quality, look no further than AniEraser! Our powerful AI technology can automatically remove the emoji and try to restore the perfect picture. This avoids the problem of photo quality loss.
Removing emojis from photos and videos can take varying amounts of time, depending on the complexity and size of the file. AniEraser can quickly and efficiently remove emojis from videos or images! Our AI algorithms guarantee a high-quality result and save you time. So please give it a go today and experience its power!
AniEraser is available on the web, iOS, Android and desktop. You can easily use the same features across all three platforms. Web and mobile versions are great for light editing. The desktop version offers consistent handling of large and unlimited files - perfect for editing large photos or videos. All in all, AniEraser is a great tool to enjoy!
Unfortunately, removing emojis or stickers from Instagram story pictures posted by others directly within the Instagram app is impossible. This is because Instagram does not provide a built-in feature for editing or modifying others' content. However, Anieraser can remove or erase unwanted elements (logos, emojis, and stickers) from images. It typically uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze the image and intelligently remove the selected elements while attempting to maintain the overall image quality. Of course, please be aware of the risks of copyright infringement and avoid violating the rights of others

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