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Remove Text from Video

Easily remove texts, logos, watermarks, or subtitles from any video online without blur. Get text/logo-free videos with original looks for free.
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Erasing Texts from Videos Made Easier with AI

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Remove Video Text in One Magic Clickai

AniEraser makes removing video texts seem like magic. With it, you can remove text from video with ease, thanks to the advanced AI capabilities. After selecting the text area, this online app will automatically erase the text without ruining the background. You can remove words from video on your desktop or mobile browser.

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Delete Text Watermark with Original Result

Most apps for removing texts from videos would easily blur your video, making them lose originality or look plagiarized. But not with AniEraser. This program’s intelligent AI will sync the text space with the surrounding pixels, giving you the most original-looking videos. The accurate text detection feature ensures your viewers won’t notice any blur.

Remove sutitles from video
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Subtitles or captions can be unnecessary additions to your video, especially if they are added in a language you or your viewers don’t understand. In that case, use AniEraser to erase text from videos downloaded from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other platforms. You can remove soft and hardcoded subtitle files added to video formats like MP4, WebM, AVI, etc.

Retouch Text-Free Photos Automatically
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Crop, Trim, and Overlay Texts on Videos offers you multiple ways to erase unwanted texts from videos. With its Video Editor, you can remove unwanted subtitles, logos, and other objects by cropping or trimming the video. But if you don’t want to lose vital details or sections of the video, choose to add a new subtitle overlay over an existing one. You can also use AniEraser to remove subtitles from video with AI ability.

FAQs About AI Video Text Remover

Whether you want to remove a logo, sticker, caption, or text watermark, AniEraser will come in handy. It uses powerful AI capabilities to remove texts and merge the empty space with the surrounding pixels, giving you 100% original videos. Below are the steps:
  1. Open AniEraser on your browser, then upload your video.
  2. Next, select a text or object to erase.
  3. Lastly, remove the unwanted text from your video without blur.
Bonus Tips: You can use Video Editor to trim or crop out unwanted texts and objects. You can also add new text overlays over the unwanted texts.
CapCut is among the best online video editors around. Besides performing basic functions like cutting, cropping, and trimming, CapCut also allows you to add text, effects, stickers, audio, and more. However, you have to trim or crop your video to remove text from video online using CapCut. For this reason, choose AniEraser AI-based text clearer as an excellent alternative to CapCut.
You can quickly and efficiently remove text from videos online using AniEraser. This program doesn’t feature any complicated steps, as you only need to upload a video, select the text area, and the AI will do the rest. Give it a try!
You can easily remove video text with AniEraser on your mobile phone. Just fire up an updated browser to remove unwanted texts from videos. Alternatively, you can use the following dedicated apps:
  • InPaint: This simple-to-use app removes text from videos or images on your Android or iPhone. InPaint can remove texts, logos, watermarks, captions, etc.
  • TopClipper: This is the perfect app for editing videos on Android. It can help you remove watermarks and other unwanted text objects from your video.
  • Video Eraser, Remove Watermark: If you’re an Android user, you can also try this powerful watermark remover. With a simple screen tap, it can remove text and image objects from your videos.
  • Video Eraser- Retouch Removal: For iPhone users, Video Eraser-Retouch Removal should do a solid job. It delivers ultra-high precision removal of texts, watermarks, and images from videos.

Repurpose Your Text-Free Videos

Highlight Subject
Background Visuals
Social Media Experience
Highlight Subject
compelling Background Visuals
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Remove distracting text elements to redirect viewers' focus solely towards your intended subject, whether it's your product, service, brand, or marketing message. Achieve a clearer and more professional visual appearance, ensuring your audience stays engaged and captivated.

Text-free videos can be used as background elements on webpages, music videos, or business presentations to create an immersive experience and increase audience engagement.

When sharing user-generated videos on social media, it is crucial to remove irrelevant text overlays. By relying solely on visual elements, you can effectively tell a compelling story, convey emotions, and highlight specific moments to engage your audience.

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