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AI Watermark Remover for Images & Videos

Powered by AI, AniEraser can remove unwanted watermarks and objects from photos and videos for desirable results. It is also a cross-platform tool available on desktop (Win & Mac), mobile (iOS & Android), and web.

More Possibilities on Multi-platform AniEraser

Remove watermarks, objects, texts, emojis, and more on your PC or Mobile devices according to your preferences.
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More Advanced Functions for Desktop
  • Supports import and export of more formats.
  • Supports large and high-resolution files.
  • Supports batch processing of multiple files.
More Freedom for Mobile device
  • Simple and user-friendly, use it anytime.
  • Focus on the need for media platforms.
  • Easy sharing and forwarding.
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Powerful AI video & photo object removal tool

AniEraser can do much more than we can imagine. It has the power to remove watermarks, glare, shadows, passersby, text, and any unwanted elements.
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Remove Watermarks
Remove Objects
Remove People
Retouch Photos
Repair Old Photos
Watermarks are text and image overlays added to images or videos to display identity and prevent counterfeiting. However, if you wish to remove these unwanted text overlays, like watermarks or logos, from your photos or videos and share them with your friends, AniEraser can assist you in achieving that without blurring the original multimedia file. Adjust the brush size to select the watermarked area, and within seconds, you'll have a new, non-watermarked photo or video. If you're looking to remove watermarks from videos, here is the complete guide.
Have you ever taken a nearly perfect shot but forgotten to avoid unwanted objects? Simply select the clutter you want to clean up, then AniEraser will do its magic within a few seconds.
Someone who wants to get away from swimming? Very simple! You can use AI-powered AniEraser to quickly and efficiently remove a swimming person from a picture. Just create crisp and flawless pictures without blur!
Spot a pimple on your face while taking a selfie? AniEraser is here to help! Upload the photo directly to AniEraser and use the brush to remove any flaws, wrinkles, or pimples. It is also free to use the snap for professional modeling and sharing with friends. To touch up your portraits in more handy options, click to explore more!
Old printed photos may be ruined by scratches or spots as time passes. AniEraser helps those who want to remove stains in seconds so they can view these old photos on their devices to reminisce precious memories.

How to use AniEraser Easily?

Why does AniEraser impress you?


A cross-platform tool that fits all of your needs

AniEraser is a cross-platform watermark remover that is compatible with PC, iOS, Android and online websites to fulfill your needs. You can remove unwanted objects from original files in batches using the desktop software with no file size or quantity restrictions. Three-platform; one account.

Powered with AI

The use of AI makes it an incredible tool for erasing undesired objects from images and videos. It removes unwanted text, watermarks, images, or other overlays. AniEraser can even create new files with no overlays in a few seconds.

Remove multiple unwanted items

AniEraser enables you to erase multiple items in a video or image in one go. Simply brush over the areas with unwanted overlays (up to 5 files at once).

Customizable for precise results

AniEraser enables you to change the brush size to cover a larger or smaller area based on the size of the object you want to remove. It helps make precise modifications and achieve the best result.

Erase objects without quality loss

AniEraser promises fast and precise results while preserving the quality and details of the image or video. Save time and effort with ease.

No editing skills required

AniEraser doesn't require any video and photo editing skills or learning. Simply import the files and choose the objects you want to get rid of. Then, you'll get videos and photos free of undesired overlays.

What are our customers saying about AniEraser?

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around the world
AniEraser can achieve excellent results even if the object I want to remove is on a clear background. It removes objects on my iPhone quickly and easily such as my cat, buildings, trees, and many other objects.
This is the best online tool to remove unnecessary objects from photos even though it leaves slight distortions on the previously unwanted overlays. But all apps do anyway. You should give it a go!
I am impressed by AniEraser. — it can remove objects from photos in a matter of seconds. It’s quick and easy compared to other object removal apps, and someone won’t even notice the image has been edited.
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Know more about AniEraser

Users can edit one video or photo for free on desktop, ios, Android, or website whereas paid users will have unlimited access to the desktop version. Once you have subscribed to AniEraser, you can use the tool across three platforms.
The AniEraser desktop app can batch process, upload and export up to 5 photos or videos at a time.
AniEraser supports removing people in pictures and videos, unwanted objects, watermarks, logos, redundant text, blemishes on human faces, creases in old photos, etc. Select the object you want to erase, and AniEraser can help you accomplish it!
Yes, the tool can remove objects or overlays from videos and images at the same time. Simply import the video you want to edit. Then, select the object you want to get rid of with just a click and export.
We do not recommend users edit photos or videos with copyrights. Users are liable to pay compensation or damage etc. for copyright infringement. Remember to get permission to use the original image or videos from the owner before using it.

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